Wholesaler Tourism

Star Travel Group is a professional travel wholesaler and inbound tour in Australia and New Zealand, with long-term business cooperation with primary travel agents in China. Our company provides professional travel consulting for the growing B2B travel market. Whether you are on a business trip, leisure trip, or family trip, our travel experts will try our best to help you with everything you required in your travel. We have abundant supplier resources in Australia and New Zealand. We’re constantly assessing new, existing and revamped tourism products throughout Australia in search of the very best for our travelers.

Series and Custom Leisure Tour

We have different travel products that can meet the diverse needs of the series tour (package tour) and customized leisure tour. We will select travel products for our customers based on your needs and standards.

Study Tour and Summer Camp

We have long-term cooperation with many universities, public schools, private schools and various language training schools in Australia and New Zealand. We can provide English study, art study and other summer camp training programs.

Incentive Travel and Event Planning

We have many years of experience in incentive travel and event planning. We are happy to find out a solution of what you want to achieve from your event and design incentive tours that are bespoke to you and your objectives. We have experienced team and abundant resources, we used to work with travel agencies, foreign companies and listed companies for their events. We can seamlessly meet your needs and arrange the most distinctive Australian trip.